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Types of PNR Status:

As the PNR status comprises the travel details in abbreviations, it is essential to know what they stand for. Below mentioned is the list of abbreviations and their meanings defining the live PNR status of your ticket:

While booking an IRCTC train ticket, you can see the availability of seats denoted as:

  1. Available 01

  2. RAC 01

  3. WL 01


The booking status of tickets in waitlist changes whenever there is the availability of reserved seats. The waitlist queue progresses from WL to RAC to CNF (confirmed). Hence, the PNR status of a WL ticket keeps changing until the final chart is prepared on the day of the journey.


For instance, if your ticket indicates your booking as WL 7, it means you are at the 7th position in the waitlist queue. Once any passenger cancels his/her train ticket of the same journey as yours, which is either in CNF state or RAC state or WL state above your WL number then your WL number will decrease & will move closer to RAC or CNF PNR status.



From WL to RAC PNR Status

Your ticket will move to WL 6, WL 5 and so on till WL1. As your ticket moves one place up in the queue, the booking will appear as WL 7/ WL 6. Here, the first part will remain the same in every scenario indicating your actual booking status and the second part shows the updated/ current status.


From RAC to CNF PNR Status

Once your booking enters the RAC queue, it will appear as WL 7/ RAC 3. Thereafter the RAC number will keep updating till it becomes WL 7/ RAC 1. Here, the first part will remain the same in every scenario indicating your actual booking status and the second part shows the updated/ current status.


CNF Ticket

After this, your ticket will change to a confirmed one and will appear as WL7/ CNF.



Please Note:-

WL 7/ WL 1 means that current PNR status of your ticket is WL 1, i.e. it is still a waiting ticket and you cannot board the train.


WL 7/ RAC 1 means that current PNR status of your ticket is now RAC and you are now eligible to board the train and you will be allotted just a seat but not an entire berth.


WL7/ CNF means it is a confirmed ticket, you can board the train and you will be allotted an entire berth.


Keeping a track of your current PNR status is extremely essential if your ticket lies in the waiting list or RAC. You can easily keep a track on your train PNR status either by browsing the Qrail website or the Qrail app.



PNR Status FAQs

What is a PNR Status and what all details it have?

A PNR status is the current status of your IRCTC train ticket booking. If you check your PNR Status online, then it would inform you about the following:

  • Current status - PNR Status will be CNF, if your ticket is confirmed. It will be WL, if your ticket is on the Waiting List. It will be RAC, if your ticket has Reservation Against Cancellation.

  • It will mention the amount you paid for the ticket along with the transaction ID and the mode of payment.

  • It will also have the name of the train as well as the train number

  • It will have the Journey Date along with details of the boarding station and the destination station

  • It will mention in which seating class you are travelling. It will also have your seat number and the coach number (only in case of CNF PNR Status)

  • It will state at what time you will board the train and when you will reach your destination


How does the PNR Status changes from Waitlist to Confirmed?

PNR Status changes from Waitlist to Confirmed on the cancellations of RAC or confirmed tickets. So as soon as the passengers who have booked their rail tickets before yours cancel their bookings, PNR status starts changing. First, PNR status will change to RAC status from WL status once the enough number of cancellations occur. Then on further cancellations, PNR status will eventually change to Confirmed status from RAC status.

How do I get the seat number of a rail booking which has changed from WL to CNF PNR status?

If PNR Status of a booking changes from WL to CNF, then Seat number is allocated only at the time of chart preparation, which usually happens 4 hours before the train start time from origin. So if the original PNR status of a booking was not CNF, then passenger need to keep a track of its current PNR Status. Once the PNR Status changes to CNF, passenger is eligible for a complete berth to which berth number is allotted at the time of chart preparation.

What is RAC PNR Status and is the berth allotted in RAC status?

RAC PNR Status stands for Reservation Against Cancellation. It is a type of ticket, which ensures travel but does not guarantee the allocation of a complete berth to the passenger. In RAC PNR Status, 2 passengers will be allocated a single sleeper berth which they have to share between them.

What is PNR?

PNR stands for Passenger Name Record. It is a 10-digit number that provides information regarding the details of travel printed on the ticket for an Indian Railways train. This number is generated whenever you book one train ticket at a ticket counter or through any of the online websites like Qrail or through the IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) website. The Centre of Railway Information Systems (CRIS) stores this number after booking your ticket. With a group booking of six passengers, there will be one PNR number as well. A PNR number is only valid until the journey ends and after that, the CRIS deletes the number after 9 months. If you want to check the PNR status online on your phone, Qrail conveniently provides you the exact information about your travel details on your mobile.

What is included in a PNR number?

A PNR number on a train ticket can be divided into two parts and they are:

A ticket is booked from a PRS (Passenger Reservation System). The first digit of the starting three digits of a PNR number depends on the station where the train starts. The two succeeding numbers of the first three digits signify the ticket booked from a specific PRS centre. If the number starts from 1, it is issued from the Secunderabad PRS with the code - SCR. If the number starts from 2 or 3, it is issued from New Delhi PRS with the codes - NR, NCR, NWR, or NER. If the number starts from 4 or 5, it is issued from Chennai PRS with codes - SWR, SCR, or SR. If the number starts from 6 or 7, it is issued from Calcutta PRS with the codes -- NFR, ECR, ER, ECoR, SER, or SECR. If the number starts from 8 or 9, it is issued from Mumbai PRS with the codes - CR, WCR, or WR.

The remaining seven digits are only present to give the PNR number an irreplaceable identity. These numbers are generated arbitrarily with the Rand () function.

Where is the PNR number printed on a ticket?

If you are buying a ticket from a railway station, the PNR number is present on the top left hand corner of the ticket. If you have bought an e-ticket from the IRCTC website or booked from an online travel website, the number is present in an individual section on the top.

How to Check PNR Status?

Qrail makes it easy for you to check your PNR status wherever you are. To know the IRCTC PNR status, follow the simple steps mentioned below:

You would need to first visit Qrail website Then you have to enter the PNR number and click on the option, Check Status. After a few seconds, you will be informed if your ticket is confirmed or on the Waiting List along with other travel details.

You can also check for the PNR status through the Qrail app on your smartphone. If you do not have it, download the app from Google Play Store if you have an Android smartphone. You can also download this app from the App Store if you have an iPhone or Microsoft Store if you have a Windows smartphone. Once you enter the Qrail app on your phone, you can see the 'Trains' option on the top. Tap on it and you will be redirected to the page with the options, Book Train, PNR Status and Train Status. Tap on the PNR Status option and enter the PNR number. After that, tap on the Check PNR Status option. This will let you know about the live PNR Status.

How can I get IRCTC PNR status via phone call or an SMS?

You can check IRCTC PNR status via SMS: Type PNR < Your PNR Number> and send to 139 OR via Call: Dial 139 to get the live PNR status.

Is it possible to travel with only PNR number?

Yes, it is possible to travel only with a PNR number. If you do not have the ticket with you but if your ticket is confirmed, then you can give TTE your ticket details along with your Identification proof.

How can I download train ticket from PNR?

If you have booked you train ticket from Qrail then you can easily download or print your train ticket using PNR number by following below steps

  • Login to Qrail.in

  • Enter PNR number and Mobile number

  • Click the search button

  • Click on Print Ticket option

  • After that you take the printout of your e-Ticket

You can also download your train ticket from IRCTC website by using your PNR number.

Symbol Description
CAN / MOD Cancelled or Modified Passenger
CNF / Confirmed Confirmed (Coach/Berth number will be available after chart preparation)
RAC Reservation Against Cancellation
WL # Waiting List Number
RLWL Remote Location Wait List
GNWL General Wait List
PQWL Pooled Quota Wait List
REGRET/WL No More Booking Permitted
RELEASED Ticket Not Cancelled but Alternative Accommodation Provided
R# # RAC Coach Number Berth Number
WEBCAN Railway Counter Ticket Passenger cancelled through internet and Refund not collected
WEBCANRF Railway Counter Ticket Passenger cancelled through internet and Refund collected
RQWL Roadside Quota Waitlist
DPWL Duty Pass Waitlist
TQWL Tatkal Quota Waitlist

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